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SCOTUS On Health Care

March 30th, 2012 Comments off

It will be interesting to see how the U.S.Supreme Court decides the case in front of it challenging the health care reform act. Very few laws are struck down based on the claim that Congress exceeded the power granted by the Commerce Clause, as almost all business in the U.S. involves interstate commerce. Numerous laws require the purchase of insurance. So there is little question that the issue is basically a political one, and the news reports on the oral argument seem to confirm this. This political battle over the need for universal health care has been on-going for over 80 years and I doubt that it will be resolved any time soon. It really is astonishing the the U.S. is the only “first-world” country without universal health care.

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Blog Hosting

March 23rd, 2012 Comments off

This blog can now be accessed from Just type to access.

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Digital Presence

March 10th, 2012 Comments off

I spent this evening considering the various kinds of Internet presence that I have. I currently have 5 registered domain names, a variety of e-mail accounts from various ISPs (past and present), paid Web hosting, free Web hosting from my ISP and a couple of social media accounts. It is a bit of a mess.

I decided to use one of my personal domains for my personal e-mail, continue to use Gmail for public accounts that may get on spammers’ lists, and use this domain ( for my main law e-mail. I will let a couple of the old domains used for past business ventures expire. All the domains that I am going to keep are now moved over to Network Solutions who is also providing Web hosting services a well as e-mail services. All the e-mail is redirected to either the Gmail account or to the two accounts that are serviced by Network Solutions for both domain registration and e-mail hosting. A good and rational consolidation.

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Catching Up

March 8th, 2012 Comments off

My trial is over and the post-trial briefs finished and filed today. Nice to get a little breathing room.

An update for my iPhone software was available today and I was hoping to get some bug fixes. But the update process was even worse than before. The update failed and left me with a “bricked” (non-functional) phone. I could not restore it using my Windows 7 PC. Fortunately my old MacBook Pro could access the phone via USB and run the restore routine to bring it back to life. That gave me quite a scare but I have a phone again.

I have less and less faith in Apple these days. I feel this iPhone lacks reliability. Apple products seem to be moving to more style and marketing hype and less substance and reliability. For a while there Mac OS X was the most stable thing around. But constant problems with buggy and feature-poor applications and the move to make the Mac look more like an iPhone/iPadĀ  has left me looking for other solutions. Now the repeated problems with the iPhone OS upgrades makes me want to abandon Apple altogether.

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