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Today’s Press Conference

February 16th, 2017

I read the transcript of the press conference with the illegitimate president that took place today. (I watched a bit of the video but I could read the entire transcript in about 5 minutes while watching the video would take an hour). What is most interesting are the following claims: (1) the news media reports regarding former National Security Adviser Flynn and the Russian connection were described by the illegitimate president as fabrications and “fake news”; and (2) he wants to track down those in the White House that are leaking this information to the media. Ok, which is it: are the reports fabricated (so there are no sources) or was the information supplied by sources and thus factually correct? At least one of the claims must be false since they are mutually exclusive. Obviously (since Flynn was asked to resign) the answer must be that the media reports are truthful and the impostor president’s repeated claims of fabrications are simply lies. This would be laughable except for the fact that people and our planet are being harmed by this idiot.¬†How can anybody believe a person that states contradictions that are logically impossible to be true?

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