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Teddy Roosevelt and the Media

February 18th, 2017

I am reading Doris Goodwin’s book The Bully Pulpit. The book is a biography of Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. What is interesting is how Roosevelt decided early in his political career that he would develop a relationship with newspaper reporters and provide unprecedented access to the media, first as governor of New York and later as president. The media (and especially McClure’s Magazine) helped to develop popular support for Roosevelt’s progressive policies, including taking action against the trusts and monopolies and tried to reduce the corruption in government caused by filling government jobs with political cronies.

The illegitimate president has taken a completely different tact. His approach comes from the Stalin-Hitler playbook: eliminate dissent by making the central government the sole source of information. The continuing attacks on the media are intended to undermine and eventually destroy the only institution that has the power to mobilize public opinion in opposition to the emerging corruption in the executive branch. Opposition to illegitimate president will be seriously crippled without an independent media. And the idea that social media can fill the void has no merit since social media is easily manipulated and subverted. In fact, this manipulation and corruption of social media was the mechanism that the illegitimate president used to seize power.

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